Working in the heavy industry, in places of loading and unloading of goods or even in circuits for sports cars requires a particular attention to very different problems: to remove daily large volumes of dust, override railway tracks, collect at the same time dust and voluminous waste, ensure a meticulous cleaning for the driver safety. For all these needs MACROCLEAN has designed a line of machines with specific building features for every application.


In the heavy industry, such as in the mining one, areas are covered with large quantities of material and dust produced daily by the same activities and every day is indispensable to remove quickly all the dirt without raising dust.

Industrial MACRO sweepers together with the mechanical action of their brushes collect all the material, and with a strong suction they hold all the dust in a big filter.

Their mechanical-suction system is the only one that allows to collect large quantities of debris without raising dust.

So they sweep “dry” (1) without consuming water and without leaving mud on the ground.
(1) or with a minimum amount of water spray

The dirt conditions and types of areas in seaports are the most varied, from coarse material (parts of pallets) to fine dust, from large free areas to those with possible obstacles (railway tracks).

MACRO industrial sweepers can collect any kind of debris, also voluminous ones thanks to the central brush and the vertical transport that allow it to work at high speed. MACRO can be equipped on request with a front and/or rear magnetic bar  in order to collect iron debris by leaving the surface clean and safe. The industrial sweepers can overcome any kind of obstacle (e.g. rails) with their air suspension raising the machine.

Safety during events in racetracks is the prerequisite for the security of present pilots and staff. Firstly, safety is synonym of cleanliness of the track but also of all the areas used to house people and machines both on the route and in paddocks.

MACRO sweepers collect tyre rubber residues, gravel moved on the route after off-road exits and the “filler” in excess sprinkled on a fluid loss but also the huge amount of waste left in the paddock and by the public after en event.


The mechanical-suction system allows a high hourly working performance thanks to the possibility to operate, without raising dust, at a speed up to three times faster than other sweeping systems.

  • High-speed sweep without raising dust
  • Minimize downtime for unloading
  • Consume as little fuel as possible
  • Reduce costs of material (brushes)
  • Keep maintenance and training costs low
  • Safety

With MACRO industrial sweepers hourly performance is increased and cost/sqm of cleaning is reduced by one third being able to count on a working speed greater than the traditional systems.

MACROs have been studied also to minimize maintenance costs both ordinary and extraordinary.

“Industry” configuration includes:

  • Headphones of the side brushes to contain raised dust.
  • High hopper dumping to facilitate the emptying.