Macro offers you only the better


By purchasing a MACRO sweeper you get a high performance product, equipped with innovative features that end up to be benefits for you, for the user and for the maintenance technician.


The Mechanical-Suction System combines the mechanical action of the brushes with the suction of the rear turbine.

Through the side brushes and the front brush (optional), Mechanical phase, the debris are swept towards the large main roller broom, which lifts the dust from the ground.

Through a conveyor, combined with a vertical blade conveyor, the debris reach the waste container thanks to the action of the powerful rear turbine, Suction phase.

The suction is also optimized to grant a complete suppression of the dust particles, thanks to its large surface filters (also avialable with PM1 filtration level).

Unlike vacuum sweepers or mechanical sweepers, wich both need to spray water on the road to control the dust emissions during the cleaning operations, the mechanical-suction sweeping system requires a small amouth of water spryed by the side and front brushes; or they can even work without the use of water, urban environments where temperatures are below zero, etc.).


Dry work: with little or no use of water, which translates into water saving / working autonomy / total dust removal, since the dust is removed completely and nothing is left stuck to the floor.

Increased collection capacity: since a limited quantity, or even no water, is collected in the rear container. Only dry debris are dumped, avoiding groundwater pollution.

Total filtration and lack of air pollution: thanks to the bag filter made of fabric and polyester, which reaches a surface of 20 m2 and allows a completely dust-free sweeping.

Variety of use: it allows a heavy-duty work on large quantities of heavy debris and on large surfaces, thanks to the large and powerful pick-up system.

Lower cleaning costs: thanks to the speed and quality of the work performed.


The CB version combines two cutting-edge technologies to cut down machine operating costs as much as possible.

Although they are forefront technologies for a street sweeper, these technologies are currently and widely used in other heavy industry sectors, such as earth movement and industrial vehicles, always ensuring top reliability and efficiency.

The first one is known as “Load Sensing”
It is a self-adjusting hydraulic system depending on the machine work load.

This technology offers multiple benefits.

A significant energy saving, resulting in reduced fuel consumption on one side, along with a lower risk of machine overheating in harsh environments.

All that means lower maintenance costs.

The other technology is the CAN BUS management system.
Through the CAN BUS system, all various control circuits of the machine are integrated with each other, that resulting in the automation of many procedures (both work and safety related) that would be normally entrusted to the operator’s experience.

The practical advantages of all the above are as follows: an extremely easy-to-use machine, as well as the monitoring activity - even from remote - of all machine functions and a detailed diagnostic system available to detect the cause of any fault.

In addition, the CAN BUS system separately records the operating hours of all sweeping units, thus allowing the user to constantly monitor the machine operating costs.

In short, the combined activity of the LOAD SENSING and CAN BUSsystems make the M60 CB a pleasant driving, simple maintenance and low cost operating machine.


Easy-to-use machine: intuitive control panel with EASY START pushbutton to start and stop all selected functions. Shorter operator training.

High driving comfort and safety: front and rear hydropneumatic suspensions make the M60 extremely comfortable for the operator and increase the machine height from the ground. Consequently, obstacles like retarders and rails can be easily overcome.

Reduced brush wear: A pneumatic control system keeps the ground pressure of all brushes constant and can be controlled from the operator’s seat. This keeps the high quality of cleaning constant over time and, most of all, it prevents brushes from an excessive wear. Furthermore, excessive wear is also avoided thanks to other two essential functions: The brush automatic stop when the machine is not running, as well as the automatic lift of cleaning units when reversing.

High performance diagnostics system: The M60 CB machine is equipped with a diagnostics system that allows the user to directly view all machine components on the screen at any time and check their current status in real time. This results in a quick and effective solution to any issue that may occur.

Complete monitoring of all functions: The M60 diagnostic system includes a general and an operating hour meter, as well as separate hour meters for each single sweeping unit, so that machine management costs are always kept under control. The machine is also equipped with total, trip and operating odometers.

Remote control system: The M60 CB software can be remotely updated using a simple USB drive or network cable. Similarly, diagnostics can be downloaded and sent in order to check and resolve any issues where required.

Hopper loading and dumping safety: the high precision system that checks the weight of the collected material, together with the safety devices connected to it, prevent the operator from overloading the machine and tilt the waste hoppers if the machine is not in safe operating condition.


A hydrostatic traction control system that optimizes engine power based on the speed.


Reduced fuel consumption: it ensures a significant energy saving by automatically adjusting the number of engine revs according to speed.

Reduced operating costs: reduced fuel consumption means a significantly lower hourly operating rate.

Reduced co2 emissions: it only uses the Mercedes engine required power, taking less fuel and therefore being environmentally sustainable.