Macro offers you only the better


By purchasing a MACRO sweeper you get a high performance product, equipped with innovative features that end up to be benefits for you, for the user and for the maintenance technician.


The Mechanical-Suction System combines the mechanical action of the brushes with the suction of the rear turbine.

Through the side brushes and the front brush (optional), Mechanical phase, the debris are swept towards the large main roller broom, which lifts the dust from the ground.

Through a conveyor, combined with a vertical blade conveyor, the debris reach the waste container thanks to the action of the powerful rear turbine, Suction phase.

The suction is also optimized to grant a complete suppression of the dust particles, thanks to its large surface filters (also avialable with PM1 filtration level).

Unlike vacuum sweepers or mechanical sweepers, wich both need to spray water on the road to control the dust emissions during the cleaning operations, the mechanical-suction sweeping system requires a small amouth of water spryed by the side and front brushes; or they can even work without the use of water, urban environments where temperatures are below zero, etc.).