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The heavy industry and the extraction sectors feature areas covered with huge amounts of waste material and dust, which are a daily result of the working activities and need to be quickly removed without raising dust.

MACRO industrial sweepers have been designed for this purpose and the conditions described above enhance their features. Their mechanical vacuum system is unique in terms of picking up huge amounts of debris without raising dust.

The mechanical brush movement picks up all waste, then a powerful vacuum traps all dust inside a large filter. It is therefore a waterless sweeping function (1), which does not require water nor it leaves mud on the ground. The high-capacity hopper minimizes the dumping downtime and increases the cleaning hourly output rate.

(1) or with a minimum amount of atomized water
Seaports and Airports
The dirty conditions and the types of areas which are typically found in seaports are quite different from each other, ranging from the presence of coarse material (pallet parts) to fine dust, from large free areas to areas with possible obstacles (railway tracks).

In airports there may be gravel, sand, waste, or small debris even with ferrous residuals.

MACRO industrial sweepers are designed to pick up any type of debris, which may also be bulky, thanks to their central brush and vertical conveyor, ensuring operating efficiency even at high speed. Upon request, MACRO sweepers can be equipped with a front and/or rear bar magnet able to pick up ferrous debris and leave the surface clean and safe, to meet airport needs.

Industrial sweepers can also overcome any type of obstacles (such as railway tracks) thanks to their pneumatic suspension system that lifts the machine.
During racetracks events, safety is essential to protect the drivers and the staff working on the site and performing different types of tasks. Firstly, safety means cleanliness of the track, but also of all hospitality areas and parking spaces both along the track and inside the paddocks.

MACRO sweepers are the perfect solution to offer this service.

They quickly pick up waste and move out to dump it.

They pick up rubber residuals of tyres or gravel on the track caused by vehicles runoffs, the excess oil absorbent material that has been put down to remove a spill or also the huge amount of waste left in paddocks and areas open to the public after an event.